A Guide to the Best Educational Learning Toys for 2 Year Olds

At the age of two, your toddler is already gradually stepping into a newer world of learning that is a little more complex than when he was only several months old. He is now much more attentive to the stories and anecdotes you recount to him, much more sensitive to the music you play for him and even much more capable of obeying simple instructions because he is now more aware of verbal communications.

He can as well respond to you in his own simple although understandably broken toddler speech. His cognition of language is furthering quick. The brain of a toddler is like a sponge so they need constant engagement. This is where learning toys for children come in handy!

The coordination of the movements of his eyes and limbs is also gaining heightened aptitude. Even his emotions are manifesting more strength. He has gained the sense of obedience and empathy and he has recognized in his own way the value of good behavior.

So, provide him with focused guidance and aid him in his every step and phase of holistic training with the use excellently designed learning toys.

Best Learning Toys

Browse through this list of some of the most fitting educational toys for 2 year olds that we have found.

Active Learning Toys

Further his motor skills and play with him simple ball games such as throw-and-catch ball and kickball. Enhance his concentration and focus alongside his physical strength with a bowling set.

As well, because he is more adamant at crawling, standing on his own, walking and running although still very unsteady, you can get him an appropriately sized mini scooter or car which he can maneuver.

Pretend Learning Toys

Introduce him to the concept of various professions. Get him his first stethoscope and let him play a doctor. Allow him to doodle on an erasable whiteboard and let him play a teacher. You can buy him a miniature cooking set and let him experiment with the operation of those toy range. Watch him run to your front lawn to pick some grass which he can use as his make-believe vegetables to cook in his toy pans.

Use miniature action figures which are representative of real-life people of different occupations. Introduce him to the fully-geared little fireman and patiently explain to him what it is that he does and why he has a truck. Tell him about that little cash register that is essential to the salesladies in the grocer’s.

Active Learning Toys

It is also a good idea to give him a diminutive version of a gasoline station. After all he already has his toy car and eventually, when he is all grown-up he will have to fill up and fuel his own real car.

Creative Learning Toys

Ignite his imagination with toy building blocks and play dough clay. Bring out the artist in your little one with art and color materials and books wherein he can identify and distinguish various colors.

Jumble and reshuffle the pieces of his attractive puzzle and let him figure out how to put them back in whole. Introduce him to the idea of geography and the different other countries through color-coded maps.

At two years of age, your child is at a very delicate stage of his formative years. Get him the only the best educational toys for his optimum learning.